Release: Steve Powers – Purple & Orange « Everything is Shit »

Steve Powers- Purple Orange Everything - 0

       On vous entend déjà dire « Quoi encore une nouvelle version de ce print de Steve Powers ». Oui et alors? Cette sérigraphie de l’artiste américain est un « instant classic » comme on dit, indispensable pour ceux qui ne l’ont pas, et même ceux qui en ont déjà une version y réfléchiront à deux fois tellement ces deux nouvelles variations de couleur sont de toute beauté. Et puis il suffit de lire le message de Steve Powers qui accompagne cette release pour faire taire les grincheux, cet artiste, ce mec est tellement génial, vraiment, l’un de nos héros pour toujours:


Back at 72 Fourth Avenue we are making love and dealing with shit, like everybody else. Nine years ago, I doodled in pen on a wall “EVERYTHING IS SHIT Except you Love” and it made me laugh and cringe, which is the sign of a good sign. So I made a painting of it. The painting sold and and I was asked for another, so I painted another. Again and again I was asked and again and again I painted. It bears repeating, and it’s built like a record. It is my love song, my “Naive Melody”—I paint it like David sings it, in half despair and all devotion. And like the song, it’s a hit.


Hit songs get made into singles, hit paintings get made into prints: Mona Lisa, Starry Night, that Patrick Nagel painting of the white girl, and now “Everything Is Shit” prints are available to decorate your home or (in Patrick’s case) your hair salon. The first edition of the print sold out, people asked us to make another, and we made another. Again and again we were asked and again and again we printed. We invest love and effort and we give a shit about every print we make. We’ve created seven unique editions to date, and all in all there are 600 or so “Everything” prints in the world. If it was a record we would be going wood as opposed to gold, but as a print it is building an audience that loves and gives a shit about what I do, so it’s solid gold just the same.


So all that said, here is our latest edition, in two different colorways. The Purple edition is a 24” x 24” print in a signed and numbered edition of 50, printed on 334 gram Coventry Rag paper. it is $250 plus shipping. Email us at with your mailing location and we’ll send you a Paypal invoice. The orange 12” x 12” edition will be released next week. If the work resonates with you and the ones you love, maybe you’ll get it. If you don’t want to spend the money, you have my blessing to print it out and pin it to your wall. If you’re looking for something to buy and flip, don’t buy my art, buy gold.


Steve Powers- Purple Orange Everything - 2

Steve Powers- Purple Orange Everything - 1

Pour les détails techniques, la version violette est au format 24×24″(environ 61x61cm), éditée à 50 exemplaires signés et numérotés, 250$ pièce.  La version orange est deux fois moins grande et sera dispo la semaine prochaine. Pour plus de détails et commander, envoyer un mail à