Opening: Louis Granet – Free, Super fast !!!!!

Quand :
1 mars 2018 @ 18 h 00 min – 20 h 00 min
Où :
Neumann Wolfson Art (New york)
1046 Madison Avenue
2S New York
NY 10075

Free, Super fast !!!!!

Louis Granet

March 1 – April 14, 2018

Neumann Wolfson Art is pleased to present the first US solo exhibition of French
artist Louis Granet. The exhibition will feature work made by Granet throughout his three-month
residency with the gallery in Manhattan’s Alphabet City.

Granet’s paintings can best be described with the French word “bavard”. They
speak fast and loud, reflecting a sense of urgency and disorder so characteristic of city life.
Rooted in the art of comic illustration, he is drawn to unconventional narratives found in the
banal and quotidien on unfamiliar streets. Granet mines energy from sheafs of soggy cardboard
and chaotic bodega racks to portray his split-scene landscapes that serve as personal travel
diaries. To the average passerby, a smashed lightbox-logo atop a deli awning is merely that,
but with Granet’s sensitive perception of the abject, we can almost envision a Lichtensteinian
“POW!” in his dramatic rendering.

Downtown, urban undergrowth overtakes human upkeep, and animation lends
itself generously to a traveler’s rotating gaze. With this exhibition, viewers are invited to release
themselves from their routine navigation of New York City, and forge new paths through
Granet’s dystopian flair for exploration.