Expo: Thomas Campbell – We are the cosmos

Quand :
14 octobre 2017 @ 19 h 01 min – 18 novembre 2017 @ 18 h 00 min
Où :
Chandran Gallery (San Francisco)
459 Geary San Francisco
California 94109

Hey friends and followers,,, yes that sounds weird. Ummmmm, I am writing today to let you officially know i am having a solo exhibition at a The Chandran Gallery in San Francisco this coming month, which i am really excited about the breadth and dimension of the works. The exhibition is going to be called  » We are the Cosmos » – for obvious reasons and also referencing the Chris Bell song, but in multiple. The space at the Chandran is a really beautiful and on the bigger side. I will be showing a substantial amount of works in Quilted Paper pieces, Paintings, as well as Bronze, Ceramic and Wooden sculpture. The opening is on October 14th 7 – 10pm. — the show runs thru Nov 18th. Tommy Guerrero will be doing some solo ambient guitar noodling during the opening, which is epic and i am thankful for. Hope to see you there or swing thru if you can or want to at some point. big bestest – t.cam
Pic – @marikoreed