Expo: ROA – Cataclysm

Quand :
7 octobre 2017 @ 17 h 01 min – 7 janvier 2018 @ 18 h 00 min
Où :
At The Gallery - Antwerp
Leopoldstraat 57
2000 Anvers

At The Gallery is pleased to welcome you to the opening of the new show by Belgian artist ROA. ‘Cataclysm’ will show a new body of work made by the artist during a six week artist in residence period in our gallery.

ROA is considered to be one of the most important and influential mural artists of our time. His typical style immediately attracts the people’s attention. The larger than life black and white animals are a symbol for the relationship between man and animal. It talks about our destructive history of driving animals to extinction. Over the course of time humankind has forgotten about their ancestors and their place in the evolution. His new show is a celebration of life and the diversity of species.

The show opens to public on Saturday 7 October from 5 – 9pm. Entrance free, all welcome.

Exhibition from 7.10.17 – 7.01.18