Opening: Antwan Horfée – Piggy Catastrophe

Quand :
22 septembre 2017 @ 17 h 00 min – 21 h 00 min
Où :
GSB/Gallery Steinsland Berliner (Stockholm)

GSB/Gallery Steinsland Berliner is very proud to present Piggy Catastrophe an exhibition by Antwan Horfee

22 September – 21 October

Opening night Friday 22nd September, 5 – 9 PM

The rise of graffiti brought with it an order that was completely idiosyncratic in both style and attitude. Distancing itself from the the institutional art world, the practice created a cultural space within which freedom of expression served as cornerstone and creed rather than merely being touted as an ideal.

Horfee first made his mark, quite literally, on the streets of Paris. He has become one of the most prolific and celebrated names within the field of graffiti, his art now gracing walls far beyond those of the French capital city. The artist’s eclectic interests and influences liaise in his unique style. Vintage comics and animation, mid-century movements in art and philosophy, an obvious attraction to colour and texture and a certain partiality to the the strange and chaotic aspects of life, art and the mind all take part in his aesthetic amalgam.

Recent years have seen a shift of Horfee’s artistic paradigm. Moving part of his practice into galleries and studio spaces, his work has been subjected to an unavoidable contextual impact. The chaotic, boundless nature of his imagery is as present as ever but his work has taken on an increasingly abstract appearance. The show title “Piggy Catastrophe” refers to Horfee’s experience as an artist and individual. Humans being creatures of inspiration and aspiration, artists perhaps noticeably manifesting this more than others, there is a universal urge to understand and organize the mess of our surrounding world. Piggy Catastrophe presents an artist in dialogue with himself, coming to terms with the arranging of his lived life, his artistic expression and future direction.

Antwan Horfee (b.1983) is a French mixed-media artist based in Paris. In addition to being an internationally acclaimed graffiti artist, he has exhibited his work in several gallery shows. Horfee studied at the School of Fine Arts in Paris. He is part of Paris’s PAL crew.

Piggy Catastrophe is open from September 22nd until October 21st.

Text by: Ophelia Rolf