Expo: Joan Cornellà – JOAN COMIX @ Studio Concrete (Seoul)
Avr 6 @ 11 h 01 min – Avr 30 @ 21 h 01 min

Spanish artist Joan Cornellà Vázquez is holding his second solo exhibition in Korea entitled 《JOAN COMIX》 with Studio Concrete.


Joan Cornellà ’s work has a peculiar way of sardonically portraying internal situations and characters’ psychological relationships through airy and simple cartoon scenarios. His frank and double sided visual language solidifies the ground that the artist plows open and vividly uncovers in the world we belong in.

Cornellà may seem like he recklessly exaggerates about the current order of the world but in fact he is an elaborate story teller. Joan Cornellà’s narrative may be unpleasant because it irritates the innermost of one’s true human nature but it is also awfully pleasant; uncomfortable but at the same time forms empathy in a simple manner. Joan Cornellà, an artist disguised as an innocent cartoonist, does not play the game of scales between subject and the self, reality and the absence of it, love and violence, order and order, human and human but rather makes a playground of the forbidden terrain that lie in-between the nature of those things.


The role that I would like to ask Joan (who is en-route to Seoul ever since he sent his most recent work consisting of a small heart shaped by crossing a thumb and an index finger next to a portrait of Kim Jong-un) is not of a messenger but rather of a narrator who will read to us the order of the current world.At the tip of his rough and bold hands that drift between the boundaries of everyone’s world lies a place with no subtitles, no dialogue; a place that is utterly not a reality show but our real world.

Opening: Jean Jullien – Lineage @ Studio Concrete (Seoul)
Mai 3 @ 11 h 00 min – 21 h 00 min

« I have a show opening in Seoul on may 3rd at Studio Concrete. The new Nounou collection will drop at the same time as well as a series of rugs and I will appear at ATC for the release of a limited edition figure. see you there! »

Jean Jullien

Opening: Jean Jullien – Tokyo solo show @ Gallery Target (Tokyo)
Mai 11 @ 19 h 00 min – 21 h 00 min

Jean Jullien – Solo show